How to Replace an Outside Electric Mirror

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    • 1). Remove the two screws or 10 mm bolts that are located on the bottom of the arm rest on the door panel. All doors will have these screw or bolts to strengthen the arm rest location. The holes may be open for access to the screws, or they may have a button cover on them. Use a common screwdriver and pry the covers off.

    • 2). See if there is a separate cover on the inside of the door covering the mirror bolts. If there is, pry it off with the common screwdriver; it just snaps off. The mirror bolts will then be visible, but the door panel still must come off to gain access to the wire connector.

    • 3). Inspect the door handle and see if the handle protrudes through the door with a visible opening sufficient for the panel to slide off it. If not, remove the screw and the plastic cover.

    • 4). Remove the screws on the sides and bottom of the panel. Remove the door panel. Door panels are held on in two ways: by plastic plugs that are attached to the door and run on the inside edge of the door (they are meant to be snapped into pre-drilled holes in the door as a means of holding the panel secure) and by L-shaped plastic hooks that are preformed into the door (they are inserted into square holes in the door and then pushed down to hold in place). First grasp the door panel at the bottom and lift up. If clips are involved, it will lift up easily and the panel can be moved away from the door; If this is not the case, take a screwdriver and put it under the bottom of the panel to pry the panel away from the door--it will snap loose. Move the screwdriver around both sides and the bottom and snap the plugs out of the door.

    • 5). Pull the door panel about 6 inches away from the door and see if the door handle is attached to the panel or the door itself. If it is attached to the panel, there will be two thin, straight rods from the door latch to the handle and door lock. The rods have a short bend facing downward. The bend goes through the door handle and is secured with a small plastic clip. Just use your finger and push the clip to the side off the rod and lift the rod out of the hole. Do the same for the door lock next to it.

    • 6). Unsnap the wire connector on the power window switch behind the panel. Unsnap the connector from the small marker light on the bottom of the door panel. Lift the door panel off and put it aside. Remove the wire connector going to the power mirror.

    • 7). Remove the three 10 mm nuts holding the mirror.

    • 8). Install the new mirror and the nuts, and tighten them down. Reconnect the wire connector for the mirror. Hold the door panel up next to the door and hook up the connector to the light on the bottom of the door. Plug the power window switch connector in.

    • 9). Install the two door handle rods into the handle and use your fingers to snap the clip in place to hold them on. Install the door panel in the manner it came off. If it snapped, line the plugs up with the holes and smack them in with the palm of your hand. If it involved L-hooks, line them up with the holes and push in and down, and they will be locked. Install any screws or bolts that were removed in the door panel and the cover behind the door latch.

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