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Sometimes we are simply doing too much and the juggling plays havoc with our emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. We try to work smarter, make things more streamlined. We try to do more and more and try and do it better and better. We say yes to extra commitments when we really want to say no.

Yet we all have the same amount of time available to us


We have choices as to what we do with our time
(even if it doesn't always feel that way)

Here are five steps to help you assess your time gremlins and move towards a more time-relaxed way of living:

Step 1: Your Relationship With Time
What is your relationship with time right now?
Do you feel that the pace of your life is just right for you or do you feel too pressed' for time?

Step 2: What Do You Want More Time For?
What three things would you like to do that you feel you don't have the time to do at the moment?

What is important about these things?

Step 3: What Takes Up Your Time?
Make a list of all the regular things that take up your time. Here is a list to jog your mind you will have many others:

Working (subdivide this), TV, Childcare, Shopping. paperwork, Socializing, Exercising, Traveling, Committees, Hobbies, Gardening,

Highlight the top three things that take up most of your time?
Circle the three things you like to do the least and
Put a tick by the three things you like to do the most?

Step 4: What Could You Cut Out?
What are three things that are not important to you right now that you could cut out of your life?
Sometimes we need to make large sweeping cuts; sometimes we only need a little tweak.

This list is just intended to spark your imagination:

Social clubs you no longer enjoy
That extra job you agreed to do
all that clutter that's taking up space in your home and head
That course you've started but don't feel is helping you
People you no longer feel in congruence with
That hour in front of the TV you're not really enjoying
And could you delegate?
You partner could share more of the load
Your children could do some chores
Could you employ someone to do your ironing/housework/gardening/office work?

Step 5: Let the Good Stuff In!!!
You have assessed where you are, what you want, what you don't want and got rid of some things that no longer serve you.

Now let the good-stuff' in:

The things that make you happy and relaxed
The things that are important to you
the things that make you smile with excitement
the things that make you a nicer person to be around
the things that let you live the life you've always wanted
the things that make you, you!

De-Clutter Your Life. Find What Really Makes you Happy!
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