9 Unique Valentine"s Day Gift Ideas To Impress Someone Special

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As I am sure you are well aware, it is that time of year again. The one where the shops line their shelves with teddy bears and heart shaped chocolates. The usual boring old stuff really that makes us cringe when we have to go shopping. Not to mention it is extremely difficult to find any none-related gifts or cards for other things that tend to also happen around this time of year such as Birthdays or Weddings.

With all the clichd stuff the shops seem to sell in honour of this holiday it can make it very difficult to find a gift that is unique and a little different.
Last year I got a balloon, some chocolates and flowers. This year if I had been in the same country as my better half, I believe I would be getting about the same.

Instead of the usual stuff, surprise someone you have a crush on, like, or even love with something a bit more romantic and thoughtful. I have listed 9 different ideas below to help you along the way to being a more favourable Valentine than your possible competition.

1. Find a company or shop that makes personalised gifts. Get something special engraved like jewellery or a fancy pen. Flowers die and something like this will mean much more.

2. Find a nice photo frame and inset a picture you know that he or she will like either of yourself or of whatever else is personal to them.

3. Buy them an item of clothing with a note saying something like "wear me tonight for a hot date at 8". Maybe it seems cheesy, but highly effective and unique.

4. Make them little vouchers entitling them to special favours such as a sensual massage or a candlelight dinner to be done by you anytime they wish within the month of February.

5. Book a special long weekend or holiday away for the two of you. It does not have to be around Valentine's Day, but as long as you let them know its happening it will be something exciting for the two of you to plan and look forward to.

6. Rent a couple of movies you know that he or she will really like and then plan a little picnic to enjoy in the living room while you watch the movies.

7. Plan something different, like a hot air balloon ride or if you live near the sea or a large lake, maybe a boat trip would be a nice gesture. Something that says you put some thought into it, even if it's just taking them on a vineyard tour or something equally as enjoyable

8. Make up a gift basket and call it "The Valentine's Day Survival Kit". Present it to them and include things like chocolate body paint, hair or other beauty products, chocolates, lingerie or silky boxers, bubble bath, spa vouchers...etc. The list can be endless if you just use your imagination.

9. Give them a special card in the morning entitling to let them choose their own present from one of three options. For example you could ask them to chose from a romantic dinner out with a theatre show; a romantic night in with just the two of you and a bottle of champagne; or a hike and a picnic with wine and gourmet food. You get the idea I am sure, but try and be original.

I hope these ideas help you on your way to a blissful Valentine's Day filled with romance and fun.
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