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Spyware spread quickly across the internet world forcing users to become aware of the prevalent threats facing their privacy while surfing the internet.
A PC will begin to run slower, have difficulty accessing the internet, have a reduced bandwidth, show unwanted pop ups and or alter the start page.
A spyware infection means your personal information is being exposed to individuals or companies without your knowledge or approval.
Spyware collects information on you internet and computer usage habits as well as more serious information including personal identification and credit card numbers.
Many spyware applications can run silently, leaving you in the dark about the information being released from your computer.
Even without symptoms users must beware of spyware infections.
By downloading from freeware programs, such as free music file sharing or game programs, then your computer most likely has spyware.
Downloading ring tones, screensavers and other free applications usually results in spyware piggybacking in your computer with the downloads.
Other forms of spyware are not acquired by you downloading anything.
Visiting the wrong sites or clicking on ads will also infest your computer with spyware.
Spyware should not be confused with viruses because even the best anti-virus software cannot detect spyware.
Spwyare and viruses are two completely different codes that target different areas and have alternative purposes.
Finding and using the right tools can help internet users be able to surf the internet safely while keeping their privacy.
You should check your machine for spyware infection using one of the many scanning tools made for spyware.
When looking into free spyware removal programs be sure it has been recommended by a trusted source and proven to be legitimate.
Many of the free spyware tools are actually made by the originators of spyware and when they are installed in a person's computer more spyware is added to the build on your computer, causing additional difficulties.
Counterspy is one recommended program that uses a large spyware database to find infections.
It also has real-time protection and a ThreatNet which protects your computer from numerous types of spyware, adware, hijackers, malware, keyloggers, ghost spammers and other spy software.
A benefit of Counterspy is the real-time security monitoring that protects several critical areas of your system.
With this program you greatly increase your chances of having other harmful spyware invasions.
The Counterspy program has proven to run will with other programs, not inhibiting their functions either.
There is a 15 day free trial you can try and after that the entire program cost just $19 for one year of services, including updates.
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