Revealed - How to Get Banner Ad Traffic That Gives You Massive Amounts of Money

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The best traffic to get to your website is the traffic that is ready willing and able to buy what your selling.
Not all traffic is the same and some traffic can end up wasting your time and not buying anything from you.
That is why I want to show you exactly how to get banner ad traffic that will spend money on your site and buy your stuff! Secret #1: Make sure you are advertising on websites that sell stuff or are attracting people to their sites who are spenders.
This is the biggest mistake most people make online - they try and find cheap traffic and sites that sell cheap traffic because they think cheap traffic will convert as good as good traffic and they will make a lot more money because they got the traffic for cheap.
  This is wrong because if a site is attracting people who are just researchers and don't buy anything from anyone - your just going to waste your money getting them to your site and get very discouraged that they don't buy from you.
  Secret #2: Make sure your banner is attracting the right traffic from the sites that you advertise on.
This is a big mistake that people make online.
You need to make sure the wording you use on your banner ads are not attracting people who are just looking for free stuff from you and who will never buy.
  Lastly - stop trying to convert people who are just researchers into buyers.
This is a quick way to go out of business.
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