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Surveys always have results for us.
Some you might doubt, some you might believe in, while others you might disregard.
When I read that men find themselves thinking more about sex and less about money while women think more about Money and Sex, I was confused.
I didn't know whether to believe it or not.
I sat and thought and truly I realized I have been thinking a lot about money lately.
I was thinking less about sex as a woman and so I found comfort in this finding.
The mind improving books I have been reading and the great ideas I have been cracking my head on were not about romance.
I almost felt guilty of rejecting my sex life and getting more concerned about paying bills.
You have no idea how this revelation consoled my money-hungry spirit.
After carrying out the survey I was glad to discover that men think more about sex than money because they have to fill the world.
It could be because men are supposed to initiate sex for there to be reproduction.
If we solely depend on women the human species would get extinct.
To carry out the survey I asked a couple of men questions like, "Tell me the last time you had sex.
" They would answer something close to this "not so long ago but I am glad you asked, would you mind coming over for a drink and a hot bubble bath? " That was no doubt suggestive but I didn't blame them.
They were just being men.
You know the ugly man's strategy? They use money to get sex, if they don't think about sex, you can be sure that they won't have the drive to make money.
Women on the other hand use sex to get money.
Who would want to sleep with an ugly fat man? Their love for money helps men to get them laid effortlessly.
No wonder women think more about Money and Sex.
Money and power are huge turn on for women while shapely bodies and smooth skins are great turn on for men.
If you think about it like you have a brain, you will understand why men think more about sex than money and women think more about Money and Sex.
It is the 'You have got, I want it' phenomenon.
It is more challenging for men to solicit sex and also equally challenging for women to get money.
People tend to think more of what they do not have.
If a successful woman gets all the money she wants, sex becomes rare.
It is hard to think about sex when your mind is occupied by a dozen worries about money.
In the 21st century, women are in pursuit of money and power.
These women will use their possessions to buy freedom from the obligations of sex.
Men on the other hand use money and power to leverage their sexuality.
These rich men never seem to get enough sex because they attract girls for all the wrong reasons.
They will never stop looking for sex because when you use money for intimacy, you can never be sure that your sex partner is passionate about you.
Women are forced by lack of money to go for men who offer financial security.
One thing will forever hold for women.
No matter how successful and wealthy they are, women think more about Money and Sex.
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