Instructions for the VW Door Panel

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    • 1). Open the Volkswagen's door and pry and remove the rubber piece found under the interior door handle trim with a flat-head screwdriver.

    • 2). Pry and remove the Volkswagen's door handle trim with a panel removal tool to reveal the window switch and the Phillips screws. Pull out the window switch harness and remove the screws with a Phillips screwdriver.

    • 3). Remove the T15 Torx screws found at the bottom side of the Volkswagen's door panel, using a T15 Torx screwdriver.

    • 4). Remove the Phillips screw by the Volkswagen's side mirror with a Phillips screwdriver.

    • 5). Remove the Volkswagen's door panel from the clips at the sides of the door panel with a panel removal tool and pull upward to remove the door panel.

    • 6). Pull and remove the trunk, door light and gas tank harnesses found behind the Volkswagen's door panel.

    • 7). Repeat the steps in reverse to reassemble the door panel onto the Volkswagen.

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