How Often Should I Mail My List For the Highest Level of Sales?

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This is a question that plagues many internet marketers.
How often to mail your list.
If you have an email list and you want to monetize it to the fullest potential, read on to find out more.
First off, there is no simple answer to that question.
There are some marketers that email daily, some that email a few times a week, some that only email a few times a month.
Testing is the key here.
The one thing that you will have trouble doing is changing the frequency too drastically AFTER you have established your list.
People like routine, and if you go from weekly to daily overnight, your going to get a lot of "unsubscribes.
" That being said, frequency is the name of the game.
I am a big proponent of mailing as often as you can keep up and as often as your list will let you.
One of the fundamental tenets of marketing is that you NEVER let your customers forget about you.
If you send your list a daily or bi-weekly email, you are having a constant conversation with them.
They get used to hearing from you and make it part of their routine.
This is the best position to be on the planet as a marketer, having people actually look forward to your emails, suggestions, and product ideas.
Do you think Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Nike, or any of the other million brands out there have that kind of communication with their customers? Not a chance.
They have to buy each conversation, and it's all interruption advertising.
When you communicate frequently and provide your customers with excellent content, they welcome you into their homes with open arms and will even tell you when they missed and email.
Keep the conversation going and mail as often as your list will allow.
Test, test, test.
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