Dude I Hate My Job Review

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In this review I am going to talk about a product called "Dude I Hate My Job" which has been created by a man named Adam Horowitz, who is a self-employed internet marketer making 6 figures yearly. The basic overview of this package is about blogging, but I will talk a little more extensively about the approach that Adam is taking.

When you think of blogging, you might think of someone who writes an article and posts it up on a blog then places some advertising around it. That is the typical blog these days, and they really aren't that effective at making money. The idea that Adam works with is very different then what you would expect.

In the "Dude I Hate My Job" package, Adam actually teaches you how to brand yourself, much like "Perez Hilton" has done. By doing this, you are creating a name for yourself that will follow you through your blogging career. The purpose of branding yourself is to create a following and a subscriber base. This becomes a very powerful thing because for every person that has subscribed to what you have to say, they also become a potential customer.

Naturally, you probably won't know how or what to brand yourself with, so that is another challange that Adam tackles. He has created several videos (more than 25 actually) explaining the entire process of how you can go out and write about your passion.

What this means is that you simply find out what you are passionate about, and write about it. Then you place some advertising around it. Sounds simple right? Well let's step back for a second. How do you know what you are passionate about? Do you think you can actually write about it? And whatever it is that you ARE passionate about, will it make you money?

I'm glad you asked, because those are all valid questions. Fortunately, Adam has a module in his package called "Finding Your Passion" which will take you through all the steps that will answer these questions. That really is the ice breaker too, because once you get past this barrier, writing a blog becomes much easier.

Moving forward, if you are a first time blogger like me, then you probably need to figure out how you actually "Create" a blog, and where you should buy your "www" name. Adam covers this too. In fact he covers everything in a step by step fashion with several videos that are broken down into modules, so it becomes really easy for you to navigate through the complexities of getting your branded blog out into the Internet world!

Another key factor when it comes to blogging is getting traffic to your blog. Without traffic, no eyes will see your blog, and without eyes, and clicks, no subscribers. This is actually an exteremely important reality when it comes to any website, not just blogs, and the "Dude I Hate My Job" website covers this.

All in all, the Dude I Hate My Job package by Adam Horowitz is an insiteful read, and I highly recommend it. He covers a lot of ground that many other blogging packages leave out.
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