Crafts With Wooden Spools & Wooden Flowers

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    Wooden Spools

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      Young children may use a wooden spool and milk carton to create an old-fashioned water well. The body of the well is created from the bottom portion of a pint-size milk carton. Place a stick through the holes of the spool, which is the windlass. Fasten the windlass to the well with a thumb tack, then shape a piece of wire into a handle. Wind any type of string around the windlass and use additional wire to tie the string to your bucket. A deep bottle top or thimble makes an excellent bucket.

    Wood Flowers

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      With a few tools and a little ingenuity, you can create a festive floral ornament. Use newsprint to create a pattern of your flowers in the size you desire. Trace and cut your pattern onto your wood. Drill a hole into the top and bottom of each flower. Paint your flowers and allow sufficient drying time. When your flowers are dry, assemble your flowers together with wire and hang with a chain.

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