Transforming Your Life Through Personal Growth and Development

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Ask any human being if they could have more in their life, and they would most often answer "yes.
" The real question then becomes, what does "more" mean? To many, it means having more money, and more freedom with their time.
In short, most everyone desires to have a life of more possibility in terms of "success.
" The ways in which that time, money, and energy would be spent reflect the "true passions" of the individuals living that life.
Do you think it is realistically possible to create the life of your dreams? Most individuals believe one is better served by "working with the cards they have been dealt in life.
" These same individuals believe they are being "more realistic" in their assessment than those who chase after unrealistic and unachievable "pipe-dreams.
" What about it, do you think it is possible to "write your own ticket in life?" Consider this: if it is possible to create the life of your dreams, exactly how do you go about that? The answer could be stated in many different ways, however, it is true that without growing and developing one's self as a person (with all that implies,) it is highly doubtful the life will grow beyond "established parameters.
" To say another way: without the personal growth and development of an individual human life, it is highly improbable that any significant and measurable degree of self-realization through the process of self-actualization will ever take the individual beyond the "station they were born to in life.
" On the other hand: if the individual living the lifetime can find the ways and means to grow themselves beyond the ideas given or handed down to them by their family, society, and culture, then there is the very real possibility of achieving a life of greatness; beyond the "station they were born to in life.
" It is a most wonderful time to be alive in our present-day and age upon this planet.
If for no other reason, the access we all have to resources never before available to untold previous generations back through time, gives any of us the "tools" to "create the life of our dreams.
" However, the working out of this is much more involved than meets the eye on the surface of things.
For example, whatever it is that one desires to create in the life, realize that "attached" to that desire comes something else known as "fear.
" I put "fear" in quotes because I am quite sure the individual involved would not perceive and interpret the matter as such.
From the perspective of these individuals, those desires and the thing it is attached to would be seen as "realistic obstacles" or "reasons why those desires are not possible.
" No matter how the matter is perceived, it does not change the fact that in order to attempt going after those desires, that there are indeed "internal conflicts" which come about in the process.
In order to manifest the things desired in life, every human being must face and truly deal with those "internal conflicts" without "coming to terms with reality," or the like; which is "code" for "not wanting to face and deal with those internal conflicts or fears.
" The key to changing all of this, and to actually be able to transform your life into whatever you truly want, is to find the ways and means to increase your confidence in yourself; in terms of what is possible in your life.
Personal growth and development of the individual is the "saving grace" here.
Open yourself up to the possibility of finding what you need to grow your ideas of yourself and the world around you, through the countless resources available to you at this time on our planet.
The internet, bookstores, libraries, you-name-it; find what you are interested in and go after it with a passion.
Do not listen to the "old programming issues within you.
" Challenge what you know to be true to you about yourself, and the world around you.
If you need to learn from someone else, then do it.
If you are able to "go it alone," that is OK too.
The point is to grow the ideas you have in your head (your earlier life programming) which causes you to perceive and interpret your life the way you do.
The ideas from your "earlier programming" may sound or feel like your "voice of conscience," but always remember those ideas may have been put there by other individuals in your life, which you accepted at the time.
This does not mean you cannot change those ideas.
Those earlier ideas given and handed down to you were never meant to be all that you were to operate with during the full reign of your life.
No, they were given and handed down to you to enable you to get to a "certain point only" in your life, the "rest is up to you.
" If it is too much to consider the possibility of having the power to create the life of your dreams, then do not.
Many, many individuals over time throughout the life come to a state of "passive acquiescence.
" There is nothing wrong in this.
However, there are also those individuals who are not afraid to discover what they might learn about their true potential in life; and it is these individuals I speak to here in this article.
Find whatever ways and means to grow your ideas of yourself and the world around you, for this is a key to improving your self-confidence and self-esteem.
Armed with these things, you will find the reasons to become and stay motivated to strive for positive and constructive changes in your life.
Armed with these things, you will find yourself creating and living in the life of your dreams...
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