How to Kill White Larva in Orchids

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    Remove the White Larvae

    • 1). Pour 1 tsp. of hot pepper sauce into a blender, followed by a quart of water and four large fresh garlic cloves.

    • 2). Pulse the mix until the garlic cloves are completely broken up.

    • 3). Strain the mixture into a plastic spray bottle.

    • 4). Set the spray bottle on the mist setting and spray down the entire orchid plant. The spray will highly irritate the white larvae and they will retreat from the plant. It will also keep future infestations away.

    Kill the White Larvae

    • 1). Pour 1/4 cup of water to a plastic spray bottle.

    • 2). Add a 1 cup of rubbing alcohol to the bottle. Replace the spray cap and shake well.

    • 3). Mist the orchid with the mixture and get all of the plant completely wet.

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