How to Install Memory on an HP 2840

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    • The RAM housing is on the right side of the printer near the bottom. Consult the manual (See Resources) for the specific location. You can unscrew the access hatch with a Phillips screwdriver but only do so when the device is off and totally unplugged.

    RAM Specifications

    • The HP 2840 takes PC100 (100-pin) SDRAM with a maximum capacity of 224MB. Specific part numbers and purchasing information can be found within the device's manual.

    Upgrading the RAM

    • Much like a computer, once you open the memory hatch you'll have to press outward on the locks on either side of the empty RAM bay to open it. After opening it, line the notches up to the keys in the slot and insert it in the same fashion as the factory installed RAM. After it locks into place, simply replace the access hatch and plug the machine back in.

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