Decorating in with walnut and white

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Who does not like a house that looks beautiful and neat? We all want our homes to set a trend and make a style statement. Whether it is parties, functions or just a minor get together, when someone praises our house and its decor, we feel a strange sense of pride. Owning a house that is beautiful and petite is an achievement in it self and we all, at some point or the other, want to bask in the glory of owning a beautiful house.

Today we will talk about how with simple colour pattern and design technicalities we all can be proud owners of beautiful looking houses. And the combination we are going to talk about in this write up today is the walnut and white combination. The best places for applying this walnut and white combination is on your laminate counter top and your sofa set. Walnut is a colour with depth and looks best when used on furniture items like laminate counter top or the living room sofa or the wall chests. Our recommendation is you go for walnut coloured laminates for your laminate counter top and then pair them up with white or beige coloured linens.

The advantage of using walnut coloured laminates for your laminate counter tops is that these laminates given their dark appearance keep dust and dirt at bay. So your house would always appear neat. Walnut coloured laminates are also a special variety of textured laminates that are very real in look and feel. The polish and finish of walnut textured laminate makes it most suitable for use around the house in furnishing, living and dining areas.

To further add a dash of contrast on your walnut textured laminates sofas, you can choose to alternate the pattern with some abstract laminate designs. The abstract laminates designs will bring in the required look of variety and this variety with walnut and white combination will give your house a look to die for. So to cut it short, the principle of decorating your home in walnut white and abstract is very simple. All you need to do is stick to walnut textured laminates for your sofa and laminate counter tops, use white in the lines and cushions and go for abstract laminate designs for the required contrast.

Therefore, with these simple tips now you can easily decorate your house in style. For more simple combinations stay tuned to this space.

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