Shar Pei Training at Home

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If you consider bringing home a new pet, then you need to understand the importance of shar pei training.
Training is not just about teaching your dog to do tricks in order to entertain those who are around nor to gain awards and recognition at agility courses and other dog events.
More importantly, training is about teaching your dog to become respectful, loving and loyal.
While training is said to be effective when attending dog training classes or hiring a professional handler, shar pei training at home can be as effective.
One never have to have formal lessons on dogs in order to train a dog what he is supposed to do.
However, it helps if you are equipped with the awareness on how to achieve success when training your beloved pet at home.
Here are some simple tips you may want to consider:
  • Start training your dog the moment he gets home.
    Lessons never have to be hard nor advanced like teaching him how to sit, come, roll over or other tricks.
    Training a puppy of around eight weeks of age means getting him used to the new environment he is into so as to prepare him to face the bigger world in the near future.
  • Repetition is the key! While some dogs can pick up commands easily, there are dogs who learn through repetition.
    Housebreaking, training to eliminate barking, nipping and other bad behaviors can be done by reinforcing the command repeatedly.
    But be sure to make training sessions exciting and fun-filled for they tend to get bored easily.
  • Find out more about your dog's physical capacities and limitations.
    In addition to a puppy's inability to fully control his need to go, shar peis are also playful and active but can be slobber when in pain.
    Consider your dog's physical condition to determine what shar pei training approach works best for him.
  • Patience and consistency are two important factors for successful training.
    You may not be able to achieve your training aims without these two characteristics.
  • Training should be fun for you and your dog.
    Make training sessions short to to prevent boredom and always remember to end the session on a positive note.
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