Offline Flipping and the Local Flip Formula

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Since offline website flipping is an unexplored genre, therefore it has less competition. Those who are not able to understand what offline flipping is then there is a simple way of understanding it. You can do this by incorporating offline consulting into flipping websites.

Of course like all other businesses, you need to put some initial efforts in offline flipping as well. Online website flipping has huge competitors like Flippa; but such level of competition is literally non existent in its offline counterpart. It might happen that in coming times you emerge as the pioneer of flipping offline websites.

If you use your intellect and skills then you can reduce a lot of your work in flipping. You can easily earn maximum profits if you can be a smart player. This can be done by applying a simple formula.

This magical formula is based on two unique business models. Through this you can make as much money you want. You will not have to spend hours trying to increase traffic to your websites. This is something that you have to do in the case of online flipping.

In online flipping you almost have to play the role of a salesperson in order to convince customers to buy your websites. The methods used in flipping offline are something that the developers have been doing for a long time. But the difference in flipping offline is that the target is mainly the flipping crowd.

If you search on the internet for "offline website flipping" then you will get Local Flip Formula that will help you in moving ahead in this business. This formula is created by Peter Beattie who is an experienced offline marketing consultant. His formula is about how to develop websites that can be sold to businesses locally. This system is highly profitable and if you develop these sites then you can generate more than $1500 US per flip. Thus by flipping locally by designing custom made sites for each client you can earn between $595 US to $1500 US. The price however depends more on the industry and the type of website.

Peter has also said that a startup website that has no revenue can sell for $300 US to $500 US. But a new website that has a little more income history can earn much more.

About the Author:

The author enjoys making a living from his IM business where he is focused mainly on offline flipping. To find out more about offline flipping, head to and watch the free video review.
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