How to Reset a Lost Windows Password

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    Use Another Account

    • 1). Log in to a separate administrator account, if you have more than one set up.

    • 2). Click "Start" in the lower left-hand corner of the screen and navigate through the menu to the Control Panel.

    • 3). Open the User Accounts control panel.

    • 4). Select the user account to which you are unable to log in. Select "Change Password" from the menu and enter a new password for the account. Then click "Okay."

    Password Reset Disk

    • 1). Select "Reset Password" from the login screen. A password reset disk is a utility that Windows will allow you to create to reset a forgotten account password. Unfortunately, if you have not made one of these in advance, you will not be able to utilize it.

    • 2). Insert the password reset disk on CD-ROM or USB drive into the corresponding computer drive or port.

    • 3). Follow the on-screen prompts for resetting the password for your account.

    • 4). Log in to your account using the new password.

    Password Utility

    • 1). Go online and find a password utility for your version of Windows. There are many reputable and free applications available. You can find them at such websites as, or

    • 2). Download the utility to a separate computer or account and burn the disk image to a CD-ROM disk or USB drive.

    • 3). Insert the password utility disk into the appropriate drive or port and restart the computer.

    • 4). Follow the on-screen instructions for resetting the Windows password for your account.

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