Article Marketing - Are You Writing For Humans?

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Do you still believe in the power of article marketing? I do, and it's something that I strive to practice everyday. Article marketing can be a potent weapon in your internet marketing strategy, and it's something that I think you should do on a daily basis. Some people debate about whether or not article marketing still works - but more and more, people are still uploading their articles to the article directories. So it's working for somebody.

When it comes to developing your articles, some people wonder if it's better to write for the search engines, or to write for human beings. Truthfully, I think it's better to write for human beings, because your articles sound natural and more coherent. If you're repeating the same keyword over and over again, and it sounds like you're keyword spamming€¦ what benefit would it have for your reader?

They more than likely won't click through to your website, because your article was full of spam and non-relevant information. Stick with writing for humans, and you will be good to go. I've listened to many top online business owners and all of them say hands down that you should be writing for humans.

Now that I've ingrained in my mind that you need to write for humans, your next task is to come up with ideas or article inspiration. What topic will you write on next? Depending on your niche, you will need to pull out the bag of tricks to make your articles new and original.

I'm sure you've seen something called an €article template€ that you can use to structure and form your articles when you've ran out of ideas. This is fine, but if you're just repeating the same information over and over again, and it doesn't sound unique€¦ why are you trying to disguise your articles?

You won't fool the article directories with your fancy article template. To find inspiration for more articles, you should look at some of the keywords that are popular in your niche. If you're in the basketball niche, and you sell a product on how to become a better basketball player, you could look to keywords as a major source of inspiration.

You can write about ball handling, shooting, defense, beating a zone defense, full court traps, individual moves, post moves, and etc. And if you've written articles about all of these topics and ideas, look for keywords that can serve as a reference for inspiration. So if you do keyword research and you see a keyword that says, €how to beat a full court trap€€¦ you could write an entire article based around this one keyword phrase.

Now I don't recommend spamming this keyword phrase all throughout your article. You just want to use it as a frame of reference. Simply write up a 500 to 700 word article about beating full court traps, and include tons of helpful information that would help a young basketball player how to beat the trap.

When you've ran out of ideas, you have to get creative. And if you're a true pro in your niche, I'm confident that you can come up with lots of new content off the top of your head - so get started on developing this content today.

Good luck with your article marketing efforts.

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