The Biggest Mistake With Adult Violin Lessons Online

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There are many adults worldwide searching for violin lessons online or offline.
Learning to play any instrument later in life is a very challenging and exciting time.
However there is one common mistake that many adults make during the learning curve.
If you can avoid this you will progress much quicker.
The major error I see a lot of adults make when learning an instrument is that their ears are too developed! Okay I know this sounds strange and having developed ears is not really the problem.
  The problem lies when the adult learner does not develop their music reading skills early in their lessons.
Instead adults will use their ear to pick up and memorise their music.
Because they do this they do not have to read every single note on the stave and their sight reading ability suffers.
  Compare this to a child of 10 years old for example.
At this early stage it is rare to find a child with good aural perception to memorise melodies.
Therefore they have to pay close attention and read every single note on the stave, their sight reading ability and note recognition then becomes very good.
The child becomes a fluent reader of music.
If you are an adult wishing to or about to take violin lessons, yes be sure to use your ears critically at all times, but do not let your music reading skills slip.
Make sure you can read, name and find each note with ease whether it is in the treble clef or on your violin.
This will ensure you can work your way through new music without needing a teacher to dictate each note to you.
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