A Handful of Strategies That Will Generate Most of Your Traffic

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There are a lot of different strategies out there in the world of internet marketing.
In fact, just about every type of website is leveraged for marketing campaigns by now- from video sites to blogs to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
While there are a lot of different sites out there, and while many of them are effective and should be engaged in to at least a small extent, there are only a handful of strategies that you should really focus on that will bring in the bulk of your targeted traffic- and thus the bulk of your money.
The first tried and true strategy that can bring you the audience you want in the size that you want is article marketing.
Essentially, article marketing is all about getting traffic to your website by writing relevant articles and publishing them to different article marketplaces and different article directories.
There are a few reasons why this is so effective.
To start, the best article directories naturally rank very well in the search engines, carrying a lot of authority.
Because of this, articles you publish on places like E-Zine have a relatively easy time ranking well for their keywords in the search engines.
All you have to do is write the article and publish it on a high-authority article directory and you will be likely that it will rank much better than if you just put it up on a static website.
Article directories are also just highly trafficked, and as such they get a lot of people on them looking for content and information.
It's a good idea to put your articles on these directories because plenty of people will find them who are browsing the directories for content to read.
No matter what, the key to article marketing is having a good resource box.
This is a box that appears at the end of your article and it will include your name, some information about you, and some links to your website.
When people read your article, it's important that you have a strong and enticing resource box at the bottom with a powerful call to action that will get people to click your link and follow through to your website.
Another highly effective strategy for marketing online is by using Pay per Click advertising.
Essentially, with PPC you are purchasing advertising space using a broker like Google AdWords, and they put your advertisement on websites that use their service and that are relevant to what you're advertising for.
It doesn't matter whether the traffic that clicks on your ad and is sent to your site converts or not, you have to pay money each time that someone clicks on the ad.
So while this can get you highly targeted and relevant traffic, it is important that your website already converts its targeted visitors.
Both of these strategies are very effective, and it works even better if you employ both strategies.
It's better to start with Article Marketing as it is free to employ, and it will get you information on whether your website converts before you put any money into advertising for it.
Once you know that you have a winner, then you should do just find for yourself with a well thought through PPC campaign.
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