The USB Device Has Malfunctioned & Exceeded the Power Limits of its Hub Port

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    • Computer USB ports are capable of providing power to peripheral devices, as well as connectivity to the computer. You also can purchase additional USB hubs to add more USB ports to your machine. USB hubs are available with their own power supplies but cheaper hubs draw their power from the PC they are connected to, meaning that there is a finite amount of power available to the connected devices.


    • You may receive this error message because you have plugged a device into a USB hub and there simply isn't enough power for the device. Unpowered hubs are OK for low-power devices, such as mice and keyboards, but may not supply enough power for devices, such as cameras and external hard drives.


    • You can try to plug your device into an alternative USB port on the computer itself. Another option is to consider swapping cheaper, unpowered USB hubs for hubs that have their own power source.

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