How to Detach Spyware from Files

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    • 1). Install a free trial of an antivirus program on your computer that has the capability of disinfecting files that have been infected by spyware without deleting them. If you already have such a program installed, you can skip this step, but two good programs are the free trials for Kaspersky and Norton antivirus suites (see the Resources section below).

    • 2). Start the antivirus software and update it with the latest set of definitions. This will ensure that it can detect the latest sets of spyware and other malicious software that have been created.

    • 3). Run a full system scan of your computer with the antivirus software. Once it has completed, view the list of infections. Choose to disinfect the files that have been infected with spyware and the software will attempt to detach the spyware code that has been attached to the legitimate software files. Some types of spyware can't be disinfected, so if you want to remove them from your system, you will have to delete the files that they infected.

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