Basic golf swing

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Basic Golf Swing

Many things have been said about the golf swing, books, videos, DVD's you name it.  There are a lot of conflicting arguments on what the basic golf swing should consist of.  If truth be known it is just a swinging motion of the club from one position through to another.  It is the momentum of this swinging of the club that creates a central fugal force which then drives the ball forward.

However the problem for the less skilled golfer is that this fundamental is not understood so the golfer then begins to adopt bad habits within his or her swing which then leads to a host of bad shots.

For the more experienced golfer they understand the concepts of the basic golf swing as they have usually been well coached from an early age and by a professional coach.  The swing itself is often separated in to segments but in truth it is just one free wheeling motion.  But if we look at all the great players in the game throughout history they all look different but they also understand some fundamentals that assist them to hit the ball consistently.

Speak to any great golfer or great coach in the game and they will say that the basic golf swing starts with a sound grip.  The grip is the start to achieving the consistency as your game develops.  A poor grip can be the culprit of a multitude of bad shots.  If the golfer forms a bad grip then other aspects of the swing will be affected.  A good grip will allow the hands to hinge correctly in the backswing so that the club will be in the correct position at the top of the backswing.

Another problem that may occur with a faulty grip in the basic golf swing is that the golfer will tend to pick the club up as opposed to swinging the club naturally.  After all it is this natural swinging motion that we are trying to achieve to get maximum club head speed to propel the ball forwards.  How often do we watch the pro's and comment that they seem to use effortless power to hit the golf ball very far?  There is a saying in golf if "you want to it further then it, it better"

This is so true as we see the less adept golfer lunging at the ball as opposed to swinging at the ball.  In the basic golf swing we have to remember to keep in control of our thoughts as we are swinging the club head and we must aim to eliminate the hit at it factor out of our minds and exchange that for a thought of swing through the ball.  With these new mental images and a good sound golf grip then most players will accomplish the basic golf swing.

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