Super DLT Tapes Offers Reasonable, Reliable, Robust Performance

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The DLT (Digital Linear Tape) which also known as Compac Tape, is basically a magnetic tape formation technology which is developed by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in 1984. In 1994 DLT technology was bought by another magnetic tape Giant Quantum Corporation which now manufacturer drives and licenses the DLT technology and its trademark. DLT further enhanced its technology and introduced much better and with high capacity SDLT (Super Digital Linear Tape). This is most reliable and important data storage tape format which is also very economical compared to other existed technologies. Digital Linear Tape technology is one of the most remarkable and successful form of magnetic tape, and it has been already best and most sold magnetic tape format. SDLT Tape, offers a complete guarantee of higher capacity, speed, best consistent performance with very long term IT investment protection. This is also most trusted and easy to selection format with very tough mission-critical data. SDLT 1 Tape, tested with an accurate standard for better consistency, long term availability, excellent presentation media tape, and able to matched all sorts of storage settings.

SDLT 1, is basically a mixer of many advanced and existing technologies and it uses the Linear Serpentine recording technique with different tracks on 12.7mm wide tapes. This is a single reel cartridge just like LTO and its allow tape is drawn out of the cartridge through of a leader tape involved to the assume reel contained by the drive. DLT drive leader tape is warped to the SDLT 1 tape, leader during the data load and unload processes. All this process is managed by the automatically by means of the reel motors. Base film which is a most reliable component which is made of very fine metal particle through excellent coating technique and makes the base film smoother enable the SDLT-2 tapes, to store massive data storage capacity as well increased data tracks gradually with new versions.

All the SDLT cartridge adopted a most outstanding Optical Servo system that is so accurate and keep the tape data tracks on the front of the SDLT 2 tape, properly associated by way of the read and write drive head. SDLT is most advanced media tape format which has very thin, solid and narrowed data tracks range from 256, 384 and 768 on half inch tape. And this is the prime reason that all SDLT 2, tapes offers extreme data storage capacity from 110GB to 300GB with (2:1 compression) and offers excellent durability with more than one million passes in any sort of conditions and minimize the failures which most occurred during data transaction and give excellent 30 years archival protection with complete reliability.

Precise and brilliant tape leader of Super DLT, offer dependable tape association while an exclusive tape and reel locking system stop tape floppy situation and other related problems. SDLT Cleaning tapes, offers excellent shock proofed design tape format which is firmly fixed and closed to stop outer ecological impacts and mishandling or accidental drops and protect again most possible corrosion. SDLT Cleaning Cartridge, is most remarkable quality magnetic tape format which is reliable, durable and offers excellent performance in all sorts of data storage settings. All the SDLT tapes with different brands are available at

SDLT is most remarkable data storage magnetic tape format which offers higher capacity, speed, durability and excellent performance with very low costs.

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