Choose Plantable Wedding Favors for a Garden Wedding

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For a garden wedding venue there is no better choice for your wedding favors than plantable favors.
These are pretty card favors with flower seeds embedded in them, you guests just simply plant them when they get home in their gardens or in plant pots.
Not only are these beautiful for a summer wedding but they are eco-friendly too! Plantable wedding favors have grown in popularity in recent years especially as demand for green and eco-friendly favors has grown.
The card used is biodegradable which means it will rot away leaving the seeds to germinate and grow.
Favor stores now offer these in a range of designs and not just for garden weddings.
In terms of cost these are inexpensive favors especially because they do not require any other packaging or a thank you tag - you simply write your message inside!The seed varieties included is growing (pardon the pun) so it maybe possible to find plantable favors in your chosen wedding flowers to coordinate with your wedding.
There are also herb varieties if you wanted something other than flowers.
You can also save money by choosing plantable place card favors onto which you can write your guests names as well as your thank you message inside, which will save you money on separate place cards.
There is also plantable confetti available in heart and petal shapes which looks lovely in mini pails and makes for great wedding favors.
Many favour stores also offer personalization on their plantable favors.
As well as those plantable card favors there are also other types of plantable wedding favors and in particular seed favors are gaining popularity.
These come in a wide range of varieties and can be presented in pretty envelopes, eco-friendly bags and stylish metal tins.
Seed favors are also very easy to make yourself at home but do make sure you include a note telling your guests what varieties are included and how to plant them! Flower bulbs are a nice alternative to seeds or plantable cards and work well with seasonal blooms like tulips, crocus and daffodils.
Present them in twos or threes in craft boxes or mini sacking bags.
Small plantable cards can also be used as your thank your tags meaning very little of your favors will go to waste!
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