Where To Use Promotional Name Badges

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This is not a new trend because since the time roman times, name badges have been used for promotional purposes. The Romans wore different name badges to distinguish between the ranks. The highest positions wore big gold name badges while the rest of the citizens wore simple name badges according to their respective positions. This was perhaps the origin of promotion name badges.

Promotional name badges are currently used to boost a companys image and to promote its products. . One important thing to note is that the badges are given free of charge and if sold are sold at cheap prices .It is however difficult to decide even with the many advantages on where and when to use promotional name badges to match the current trends and do the job they are supposed to- promote the company and its products.

Many companies use printed pens, notepads, t-shirts, special dresses, key rings among others in exhibitions for promotion. However using printed name badges in such exhibitions is a picking trend. The name badges will not only provide the wearer in the exhibitions with a means of identification but it will give them something to take home and in the process expose more people to the companys products.

Another place one could use promotional name badges are clubs and organizations. Many clubs and organizations offer their customers marketing by use of lapel pins printed with the company logo and/or its products. These pins looks nice and carry home the message. They are also fun to wear as contain many vibrant colours. They can also be cut into many shapes to fully complement the company/product. The lapel pins can also be worn almost anywhere with almost anything. For example Manchester United use these lapel pins for club promotion.

Schools are also a good place for using promotional name badges or lapel pins. Promotional name badges used in schools must be simple and vibrant with a variety of colours for the young people to choose from. Metallic badges in schools should however be avoided for they can be potentially dangerous especially if they have sharp edges.

Promotional name badges are therefore a very cost effective way to promote a company and its business and they give the wearer great pleasure for they were free of cost almost nothing. Visit our site for more information about these Custom Company Name Tag or promotional badges products.
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