iPhone Armband - An ‘Essential’ in Your Gymming Wardrobe

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Exercising is important€¦and exercising right is highly important too. In today's sedentary lifestyles and rising number of desk jobs, exercising in some form or the other is the need of our body. Mobile phones have become indispensable and rendered us highly dependent on them. It is simply impossible to step out of the home without the cell phone, because of our dependency on it, for every bit of information. That said, during a workout, carrying a cell phone in the hand is not possible and in fact, highly distracting. Also, placing it in your pocket can be highly€¦highly uncomfortable as the phone would keep bouncing. A sportier armband for iphone 5, 5c,5s, 4,4s makes a perfect accessory. This light weight band is made up of neoprene which makes it water and sweat resistant. The band is sturdy and is designed in a way that it wouldn't interfere with the gym wear or the exercise regime. The precise cut-outs allow access to all ports, buttons and the earphone lead.

If one happens to be riding, hiking, or driving to the gym, proceeding without a phone on hand is certainly not a wise pick, in terms of safety, at least. And it is this armband that offers utmost connectivity to the user even during his most vigorous workouts. The efficiency of workout is not affected with an armband; in fact the sports apps in the iPhones can be accessed easily even in-between workout times. The user does not need to take out the phone every time he/she wishes to use it, instead, can use it from within the band itself. And the built-in key holder is certainly a commendable feature that allows the user to place his/her cards, cash and keys safely. For instance, one can keep a few dollars to buy water in case he/she needs to.

Touch screen works great through the transparent cover. The earphones can deliver some of the best music tunes during the workout (running, jogging, hiking, gymming, riding, weight lifting), dispelling the monotony, and making it more enjoyable. There is a reflective strip that runs around the border of the strap (in some bands) and enhances the €Jog Safe' precaution. It is easily washable. An arm extender is available separately for more room and to stretch to bigger sized arms. The Velcro is tough and does not get loose.

The top quality, in addition to the above mentioned features, certainly makes it a wise investment. One can place an order online as well€¦ Indeed, it is a perfect crossover of convenience and utility€¦
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