Quick Ways to Find the Ideal Niche in MySpace

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Although teenagers make up a large part of the MySpace community, don't be fooled by those numbers. MySpace also has a huge adult following and its membership go beyond the borders of United States, spanning different races, languages, and continents. If you're in the hunt for the ideal niche for your online business, MySpace is not a bad place to start.

Quick Ways to Find the Ideal Niche in MySpace

If you don't have an account in MySpace, just register for one. It's free and all you'll need is a valid email address.

Set Up Your Account

Upload a photo and fill out your profile page. If you have the time and skill, consider designing your MySpace page as well. But if you have neither, there are numerous websites offering free layouts for MySpace users. Doing all these will help establish your credibility in the MySpace community. If other people browse your page and see it glaringly empty, they might have the wrong ideas about you and that's worth more hassle than you need.

Build Your Network

Start adding up friends. Don't add randomly, however, or MySpace might misidentify you as a spammer and suspend or even revoke your account. Add the people you know first then after a while, start adding their friends. There are also websites which feature lists of MySpace members wishing to expand their network. If you place your name on the list, you're indicating your wish for an expanded network and other people will start adding you up.

As your network grows, so does the opportunity of finding the ideal niche. You can use your network for market research. They can provide valuable information that will help you determine which niche is most viable for your business. You can communicate with them in various ways:

Bulletin marketing allows you to post messages on the bulletin board for your network. Everyone who's in your network will be immediately able to view your message. As it's quite easy to abuse the features of bulletin posting, a lot of members no longer view the messages posted here. Of course, if you can make your message stand out, members of your network are sure to take the time to at least open your message and read its contents.

The trick to getting your network's attention when using your bulletin is to choose a powerful one-liner as your subject. Your subject line must immediately identify itself as a genuine message and not at all SPAM, let your network know the main topic of your bulletin, and what they can get out of it. Do you think it's a tall order? Maybe, but that's the price you have to pay.

You can, of course, also send people in your network personal messages but this can be quite time-consuming and it again places you at risk of being identified by MySpace as a spammer.

Another way to communicate with your network is by posting a question on your profile page. Lastly, you can also upload applications to your MySpace page and use them as a vehicle to speak with your network.

Browse through Groups

MySpace allows members to form communities of their own called groups. You should check out the group categories available in the website and see which of the groups are most active. Among the most active, consider which of them would likely be a good niche market for your online business.

If you have several candidates already, try joining each and every one of them. Pay attention to their discussions, participate if you can and maybe initiate your own discussion. By interacting with them directly, you'll have a better idea whether the group represents a perfect niche marketing opportunity for you.

The Most...

In MySpace, you can find out which profile has received the greatest numbers of views. There are numerous other statistics that can help you find out which profiles generate the greatest buzz. You should visit each and every one of them, too, and try to find out what makes them so popular with which age group or market.

Ultimately, you'll realize that everything boils down to interaction. Spend as much time as you can on MySpace, understanding how its features work and communicating with other account users and you'll soon discover the perfect niche for your business.
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