Which Are The Best Steam Auto Cleaning Machines?

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The term steam car wash machines can confuse many people, especially those who are new to the cleaning industry. A majority of people would think that these are vapor cleaning machines that can be used for vehicle cleaning. To set the record straight, these are not vapor steamers.

Are these carpet cleaners? After all, some of the carpet extractors that offer heated output are sometimes called steam carpet cleaners. However, these are not carpet cleaning machines either.

Most of the top steam car wash machines are pressure washers. These are not conventional pressure washing machines that blast away the dirt and substances from hard surfaces with high-powered output. Instead, many features and technologies in a pressure wash system are modified and innovated to suit the cleaning process of vehicles.

The following are some of the essential features for the best steam car wash machines.

Output temperature

Despite the presence of the word steam in its name, these machines do not offer the real steam output. In fact, these machines do not have to offer that much high output temperature. Extremely high output temperature might actually damage the paint of the vehicles.

The steam output temperature of up to 250'‚¬°F is perfect for vehicle detailing. It just means that the machine offers heated output.

Output pressure level

Normally, a pressure cleaner system has a high output pressure. For cleaning vehicles, a very high output pressure is not desired. A machine with a pressure level in excess of 1500 psi might cause problems, such as paint damage. You should use specially designed steam car wash machines, as they have the perfect pressure levels for automobile detailing.

Flow rate

For auto detailing, it is better to have portable steam car wash machines with as much low flow rate as possible. Sophisticated car washing machines have a flow rate as low as 0.5 gpm. The significance of low flow rate has everything to do with the drying time of the surface. It refers to the time taken by the vehicle surfaces to dry up.

It has to be noted that flow rate is a matter of concern for portable steam cleaner or car steam cleaner machines. Most of the modern machines offer dry vapor output, in which the liquid water content is less than 5 percent. The surfaces can dry up quickly when cleaned with portable steam cleaner or car steam cleaner machines.

The flow rate has to be low, if the vehicles surfaces are to be dried up quickly. This is essential as the effect of auto detailing is lost, if the cleaned surfaces do not dry up immediately. Dirt gets stuck to wet surfaces very quickly.

If the flow rate of portable car wash equipment is low, it means that the quantity of water passed to the surface is low. Low flow rate is very important while cleaning delicate parts, such as automobile engines. This is the reason why all good steam car wash machines have a low flow rate.
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