The Biggest International Main Event Of All

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Language, culture, oceans and several other obstructions act as hurdles in the competition to create closure ties between several nations on the planet however the UFC is helping to connect these barriers and the UFC 122 Main Event in Oberhausen will be the most international MMA event ever.

MMA and fighting sports on the whole are globally comprehended and relished by sports buffs across the globe and folks from dozens €"if not hundreds- of nations will tune into the UFC 122 probabilities competition. The sport already is made up of fighting styles resulting from several different nations including the u.s., Japan, Brazil, Thailand, and Russia. Now, after almost 2 decades of tournaments, the UFC is becoming progressively more really global in nature.

On top of that, this is just the UFC's second event in Germany and the second in continental Europe. Germany has in fact prohibited the transmission of the sport as of March of this year, a judgement that the UFC intends to fight. Even though it will not be displayed on German television, it will still be shown by means of tape delay the same day on Spike TV. However, hosting the sport in continental Europe only 1 month after it was hosted in the United Kingdom is a great way to boost the UFC's international status as a legitimate sport.

In the 11 matches on slate for the UFC 122 betting action there will be 11 diverse nationalities represented. In any UFC Main Event there is also a excellent deal of diversity in terms of the fighters' nationalities however the UFC 122 probabilities event will be taking it to yet another level. There will be 7 competitors from the US, the most by a extensive margin but after that it's really a mix bag of competitors. Yushin Okami will represent Japan in the Main Event against American middleweight Nate Marquardt with the victor earning a prospect at the middleweight title against the famous Anderson Silva.

There will also be an Italian fighter (Alesssio Sakara) and a handful of German competitors. In reality, it's a tad surprising that that there are not more German competitors on this fight card as the event is being put on in Germany. Like we saw in the UFC 121 Main Event in London, the lineup was loaded with English competitors whereas the UFC 122 betting action contains only 3 German competitors. There will also be 3 English competitors in the UFC 122 Main Event symbolizing Europe.

Brazil will of course be represented too as there will be two Brazilian competitors looking to make a name for themselves on the MMA scene €"just as there is in nearly every MMA event. There's also a lone fighter from Belarus. And a single fighter from New Zealand, Poland, Croatia and the Czech Republic.

In reality, the UFC 122 Main Event will look more like a UN meeting than an MMA event but one time the action gets underway and the fighting kicks off it will not matter where anyone is from as the action in the Octagon will take center stage.
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