Design Your Own Stickers on Promotional Products

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Let us get things straight first.
What we are talking about here is not to design the Promotional Products itself.
What you will design is the sticker that will then be pasted on the promotional item.
In this way, you will be able to call the item as your own.
After all, designing promotional stickers adds a personal touch to the items.
It will also allow you to be in better control when it comes to the design specifications of the promotional gifts you use.
So if you are planning to take matters into your own hands in the design of the stickers, here are some of the things that you must remember:
  • Attractiveness is very important.
    In most cases, stickers are noticed not for the message printed on them but for the aesthetics: the colour combinations, the design, the type of text used, and the size especially if posted on a background that gives a healthy contrast to the sticker.
    Because companies already have their own design of logo and the name of the company, it is important to use a background for the sticker that will match that for the company's marks.
  • Promotional stickers used as Promotional Products must be visible from a distance.
    This is even more important if the sticker is to be posted on a mobile platform such as on car bumpers.
    The need to be visible is actually related to the importance of making these promotional gifts attractive.
    Once attraction is complete, it should be easy enough for the public to see what is written on the sticker.
  • Because of the limited space on stickers, the message must be brief and concise.
    Do away with all those things that serve nothing but only to confuse the reader.
    In the case of stickers posted on car bumpers, only the name or the logo of the business must be seen on the sticker.
    This is because the sticker becomes cognizable only for very few seconds and this is all the amount of time the public has in viewing stickers as Promotional Products.
  • Make sure that the adhesive on the promotional stickers is of good quality.
    In Promotional Products that are posted on anything, the ability of the promotions to last is dependent on the ability of the adhesive to hold the sticker in place especially when challenged by the elements.
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