How to Repair an AC Compressor Clutch

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    • 1). Remove the air conditioning accessory belt with a wrench. Disconnect the electrical connector on the compressor's magnetic coil. Remove the 6 mm bolt in the center of the air compressor front clutch, using the appropriate-sized socket.

    • 2). Pull the clutch off and watch for the one or two spacers on the shaft directly behind it. These spacers are used to gap the clutch properly so do not lose them. Remove the snap-ring on the compressor shaft securing the pulley. Slide the pulley off the shaft.

    • 3). Clean the parts thoroughly, including the shaft on the compressor. Install the new pulley and insert the snap-ring with the beveled edge out.

    • 4). Install one spacer on the compressor shaft and install the clutch. Install the 6 mm bolt and tighten.

    • 5). Hold a feeler gauge between the clutch and the pulley and check the clearance; this must be between .013 and .032, no more or less. If the clearance is not correct, remove the clutch plate and add another spacer or reduce the current one in thickness and retry. The spacers are different in thickness. If the air gap or clearance is not correct, the clutch will either not engage, or it will stay engaged. In a worst case scenario, it will partially engage and wear itself out quickly. Connect the electrical connector to the electromagnetic coil.

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