Different Design Styles for Ranch Home Decks

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    Private Side Deck

    • Plan the deck for excellent curb appeal. Make it visually appealing from a distance, but don't put a deck on the very front. You might place the deck on one side of the house, for example. Adding a small table or plants visible from curbside gives the impression the deck is a private hideaway space for reading or relaxing. Lattice added on the deck sides will give it more privacy.

    Multi-Level Decking

    • Add a two- or three-level deck on the back of your ranch to make the whole house more interesting architecturally. The basic rectangular shape of a simple ranch on a sloping lot can look boring. Add steps and railings that tie the whole deck space together in a visually appealing way. Multiple levels of deck space that are easy to navigate from one level to the next will make the area more user-friendly. Lawn umbrellas on the deck space can enhance the beauty and utility of the deck area.

    Upper-Level Deck with Lower-Level Patio

    • Build a deck coming from a second-story bedroom with a patio below. By constructing a concrete or brick patio underneath, the overhead deck becomes a shading porch cover for the patio. Keep in mind that a ranch house constructed on a sloping lot essentially creates a two-story facade on that side of the house. Include an upper-level deck to make a fire escape porch, along with sliding doors leading to the deck, especially if you have small children in the house. Don't rely on the typically small windows of a ranch house for a fire escape route.

    Lengthy Decking

    • A long deck across the entire back of the home can optimize a lake or mountain view. The long shape of a typical ranch lends itself to a spacious deck. Construct a deck at least 12 feet wide to hold parties or have family cookouts. Just be sure to use adequate support columns for such a large space.

    Two-Sided Deck for Security

    • Construct a wrap-around deck on two sides of the house; this can accommodate foot traffic coming from a living space on one side and a kitchen on the other. This kind of deck can actually offer protection from unwelcome guests, because you can construct the deck to surround exterior doors. By adding motion lights and omitting a deck gate, you can discourage neighbors from just walking directly up to house doors; they have access to the front entrance only with this layout.

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