How to Remove 2003 Ford F350 Dual Wheel Brake Rotors

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    • 1). Park the F-350 on a level surface, and put the wheel chocks around the front wheels. Put the heavy-duty jack underneath the rear axle, then lift it up so the rear wheels are off of the ground. Put the heavy-duty jack stands beneath the axle, and then remove the jack.

    • 2). Unbolt the rear wheels from the axle using the tire iron. Take off first the outside wheel using both hands, then the inside wheel, until the rotors are visible.

    • 3). Unbolt the brake caliper anchor plate from the rear axle with the 1/2-inch ratchet and socket. Pull off the plate, then hang the caliper and anchor plate from the frame or the inner fender with the j hook.

    • 4). Attempt to pull the rear rotor off the axle. Use a flat-head screwdriver to adjust the brake shoe inward using the adjustment screw on the backside of the rotor. Pull the rotor off the axle.

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