How to Insert Lines Into an Excel Spreadsheet for a Timeline

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    • 1). Open your time line spreadsheet in Excel.

    • 2). Click the "Insert" tab.

    • 3). Click the "Shapes" drop-down menu. Choose "Line" from the top line of choices.

    • 4). Move the mouse cursor to a point above the earliest date on the time line. Click and drag the line to the latest date on the time line. Let go of the mouse button.

    • 5). If you need to adjust the length or angle of the line, click on one of the terminal points and drag the point.

    • 6). Click on formatting tools (the Drawing Tools' Format bar appears at the end of Step 4, when you complete the line) in the Format bar to change the line's color, rotation and more.

    • 7). Right-click on the line and choose "Format Shape" to adjust more options, including thickness.

    • 8). Repeat as necessary to draw connectors between dates and the main time line, or dates and associated pictures.

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