Washington Redskins Hall of Fame Quarterback Sammy Baugh

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Sammy Baugh is one of the pioneers of American football.
He was both a player and a coach.
From 1937 to 1952, he played for the Washington Redskins and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1963.
It was in 1937 that Baugh was chosen in the first round of the NFL Draft.
This is the same year that the Redskins moved from Boston to Washington D.
The contract that Baugh signed with the Redskins was for only one year and for only $8,000 per year.
Back in 1937, this was a lot of money to play football.
He was actually the highest paid member of the team.
Forward Pass Because Baugh was a player in the early days of football, he is credited with making the forward pass a very important part of game play in the NFL.
He actually played in three positions during his rookie season.
He was a punter, a defensive back, and a quarterback.
Out of 218 pass attempts, he completed 91 of them.
He also led the team to a NFL Championship victory over the Chicago Bears.
Wins In addition to the NFL Championship win, the Redskins won the East Conference in 1942.
It was this season that they had a 10-1 record.
It was in this 1942 game that the Redskins were back up against the Bears who were 11-0.
However, a series of strategic plays allowed the Redskins to keep the Bears within their territory and the Redskins went on to a victory.
It was in 1943 that Baugh was especially successful at punting, interceptions, and passing.
In one game against Detroit, he managed four touchdown passes and even intercepted four passes for the win.
Once again, the Redskins made it to the NFL Championship, but they lost to the Bears in this match.
In 1945, the Redskins made it to the NFL Championship against the Cleveland Rams.
The forward pass that Baugh threw hit the goal post and landed in the end zone.
When this occurred back in those days, this was considered a safety.
This gave the Rams a lead and the team's owner, Marshall, was very angry.
From there, that is when it was deemed that a forward pass that hits the goal post is not a complete pass.
Records Baugh set 13 NFL records in the three player positions he played in.
It is through him that Redskins fans became fanatics.
Because of individuals like Baugh who played a great game and even later on went to be a coach at Hardin-Simmons University in 1952, it is important for fans to have the memorabilia that reflects their love of the Redskins.
Baugh had a great coaching career until his last coaching job in 1964 in which he coached the Houston Oilers and had a 4-10 season.
It was in 2008 that Baugh had passed away from numerous health issues.
He was 94 years old.
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