Living the Slight Edge Philosophy

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The Slight Edge philosophy is simple, yet may be the single most powerful success principle that one could adapt in their life to truly make a difference.
There are little decisions in life that in the moment, seem like they do not make a difference at all.
For example, what does it matter if I work out this morning or if I don't.
If I spend the hour in the gym this morning, I will not look any stronger or leaner tomorrow.
Those of us who work out know that your body will look the exact same tomorrow as it does today, even after the workout.
If I am a spiritual person, what does it matter if I study the scriptures today or not? One day of scripture study will not turn me into an evil person.
One day of scripture study will not turn me into an angel, either.
The Slight Edge philosophy teaches us that the little decisions that we make daily really do matter.
They have long term consequences.
One missed workout will not kill me, but a year of missed workouts will make me out of shape.
Just think how fit I could have been if I had worked out every day for that year.
Its the same with knowledge.
How many of us go an entire year without reading any personal development materials.
How much personal progression could we have made in a year if we had been reading just ten pages each day.
The difference is mind boggling! When you look at the life of a successful person (in relationships, in work or in other aspects of life), you will see someone who is living these principles.
If you want to be a great person or great at something, you can make it happen.
Just learn what it would take to get to that point and make it happen slowly every day.
If you make just a little bit of progress each day, you will eventually make it.
The main reason why people don't accomplish great things is because they don't decide to do great things in the first place.
This is only a very simple outline of the Slight Edge philosophy.
If you have had experiences with the Slight Edge Philosophy in your life, we invite you to share them with others and encourage them to read the book.
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