Limestone tiles

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Limestone tiles - a sedimentary rock composed mainly of calcium carbonate - calcite. Due to the wide distribution, ease of processing and chemical properties of the limestone tiles is mined and used to a greater extent than other species, second only to sandy-gravel deposits. The limestones are of different colors, including black, but the most common species of white, gray or with a brownish tint. The bulk density of 2.2-2.7. This is a soft rock easily scratched knife blade.

Looking at history, we can safely say that the products of limestone tiles were used in Russia as early as the 12th century. At that time it was used mainly in the construction of temples. Later, a white stone (limestone tiles) were used in construction, in design and interior design. Limestone tiles itself is durable, strong decorative natural stone that has a uniform clean structure. At the end of time, limestone tiles retains its given him by nature, properties and appearance, and occasionally getting a raid of antiquity. Products made of limestone tiles, performed by experienced professionals, look like works of art, emphasizing elegance and comfort at a time. The room, decorated with limestone tiles, is prestigious and unique.

Products made of limestone tiles are used:

-For the construction of buildings;
-For the exterior of buildings, as the exterior stairs, plinths, with the design of facades;
-In the interior of the premises: doorways, walls, fireplaces, floors, bathrooms;
-For landscape design;
-For such specialized products as stairs, columns, portals, fireplaces, architraves, etc.
-For the manufacture of table tops, window sills, cupboards, bar counters, etc.

The variety of colors from white to red will create a product from limestone tiles that best emphasize the individuality of the house and design taste.

Limestone tiles provides the ability to create smooth and sleek planes for further work on it and the creation of exclusive surfaces and shapes.

During the construction of buildings can be used not only ordinary concrete slabs or bricks and blocks of limestone tiles. Cut from the rock mass mechanical process rectangular blocks of white, perfect for mounting structures. Also, blocks of limestone tiles used for the production of slabs of limestone tiles, which is used as cladding for interior or exterior decoration of buildings, or when erecting interior walls of the house. These blocks and slabs of it have high strength and low percentage of water absorption, to the same run on different sizes, which is very convenient for an individual building. Having the nature of the anti-allergic and antiseptic properties, limestone tiles is also environmentally friendly material, ideally compatible with the person.

Products made of limestone tiles used for the cladding of buildings, fences and plinths. In contrast to the artificial stone limestone tiles does not lose time, under the influence of external factors, a decorative look while maintaining the beauty and form. Various delicate patterns and reliefs give the structure a unique look. With its high popularity, especially in recent times, a white stone makes it possible to show the beauty of decorative facing in the correct choice of pattern and color. In addition, he possesses the essential qualities as frost resistance, aesthetics, and low thermal conductivity. Made of limestone tiles, or lined with them, the buildings look expressive and majestic.

Products are used in the limestone tiles landscape design as a design of gardens, playgrounds and walkways. As the easiest to clean, durable and aesthetic, limestone tiles is also used in the construction of a barbecue, arches and alpine slides, which will look perfectly at home adjacent to the territory.
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