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The moment you think of buying a new flat screen television, the first thing that occur in mind is where to keep it. Surely you need a TV stand to support your expensive buy. A TV stand is an imperative part of television especially for these latest high tech gadgets. Gone are the days when you would place your TV in the bulky wooden box.

You need to be fashionable to move with times. Sleek and stylish is the current flavor, so are TV stands comes in wide variety to suit your purpose. The most attractive ones are wooden stand which lend an aesthetic appeal to your room where you place your TV. TV stands can be the most attractive part of room. Trust me! A good TV stand will add to your neighbors envy when they visit your house and it will compel them to ask more about it.

Based on the material stands are obtained in various prices. The expensive ones are those made of wood. However, prices may vary depending on type of wood used in the stand. The woods used for this purpose are oak, walnut, maple and cherry and prices differ for each of them.

You can also opt for metals, as high fashionable stands are made out of it. Even they are cheaper considering your pocket. Flat stands comes in different sizes, shapes and forms.

It's important to focus on durability and strength of the standswhile buying. Just check whether the stand will able to hold up your expensive gadget. Weight bearing is important factor otherwise you may end up damaging expensive television. Some televisions come up with weight manuals. Don't go by the size of the stand as that doesn't determine weight bearing capacity. Some bigger stand may not be able to hold up weight of your TV. So be careful!

One should look for the material used in the stand as it determines bearing capacity. Also different modes of television require stands of different stature. What may work for an LCD may not for the Plasma.

Another thing to consider while investing in TV stand is the rotating facility of the stand. Large living rooms often require such stands for it facilitates swiveling so that you can view it from anywhere. Thus you could sit anywhere in room and still enjoy TV comfortably. This type of swiveling stand comes a bit expensive however can avail discounts in many showrooms, even while buying a new television.

You could easily get it at huge discounts provided either in your local shop or online. Online store offers huge discount rates for TV stands. Even some of them offer TV stands at reasonable price while buying flat screen television. These may range from few hundred dollars to few thousand dollars. Some people also prefer to invest in a carpenter to build a TV stand according to their wish and that perfectly matches with the room environment. Whatever, be the brand Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, TV stands lends an exclusive added appeal one can't ignore. Probably, you cannot think of a TV without a stand.
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