Network Marketing Education Delivers Personal Transformation

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When Robert Kiyosaki first published his pro-network marketing book, The Business School, it created multitudes of network marketers lining up in the bookstore to order it.
It was a milestone for the network marketers to finally receive such acknowledgment when the industry's real values were recognized by a New York Bestseller Author.
A real value? Some may wonder what it means, but those who have a passion for the industry exactly know that the true value of network marketing comes from the education that the distributors experience throughout the course of their business development.
During the recent appearance on Jay Leno, Donald Trump commented that if he was to lose everything and had to start all over again, he would choose to do "Network Marketing.
" In this industry, what motivates me most is the education I receive through my business building process.
It is amazing to see the transformation that a distributor experiences when the person first knows nothing about the business, yet in just a few years, achieves to become a leader, motivating thousands of other people to duplicate the same effort.
Becoming a successful network marketer requires communication skills, influencing prospects through diverse means of connection.
People become drawn to others through different means of interaction, such as charisma, information, strategies and emotions.
Bob Burg, the author of Endless Referrals and Success Formula, ]states that the secret of network marketing success occurs when the distributor utilizes the fundamentals of 1.
-- The mindset that the universe is friendly to your desires.
-- The expectation that you are not changing the other person, but yourself and your mindset.
-- It elicits others wanting help you when you are polite, instead of feeling entitled to help others.
-- Since most people are not living in the solution, it takes time to teach someone about your business.
-- Willingness to stay with the situation until you get the right results.
These are fundamentals repeatedly taught in the 50 year history of network marketing.
Rather than inventing new technological solutions and approaches, we should all stop and think what is really important to our network marketing approach and should enforce the existing tradition of human networking power.
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