Art of Seduction - Make Your First Impression Counts

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In the art of seduction, your first impression counts a lot.
Before any woman can get seduce by you, attraction must be present first.
By planting a good impression in her mind, you are on the right path to success.
To have a good impression in her minds, you will need to do the followings: 1.
Dress well.
Women like men who dress smartly.
Shirts and pants is a good combination that seldom goes wrong.
By dressing well, you will also feel more confident about your looks, and this confidence will assist you well.
Have a good fragrance.
Invest some money to get some seductive cologne that makes women feel irresistible to you.
Fragrance is a great seductive tool that you must not miss out on.
Have an appealing character.
Be confident and calm when you talk to her.
Make sure you are not rushing your movements as you will not want her to think that you are nervous.
Break the "friends" barrier right away.
The biggest mistake that men makes in seduction is to "be friend" with the woman first.
In the seduction game, you will need to let her knows that you are interested in her right from the beginning through your body language and words.
The worst thing is to find out that she just treat you as a friend after you have put in so much effort.
Be persistent and put in the chase.
You will eventually master the art of seduction with consistent practices.
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