Improve Taxi Safety With A Cctv System

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Taxi safety is one of the biggest reasons that people don't become taxi drivers. They hear about the abuse they receive on a late night and the hassle they get when they don't drive quick enough/slow enough/ straight enough! Taxi safety is a big issue not just for the passengers but for the driver as well which is why every taxi should have a CCTV system installed.

Technology is becoming more and more widespread in todays world and is now even being put into taxis. This closed circuit television system that is being used taxis has increased security and safety for both the passengers and the drivers alike. Here we are going to discuss the advantages from both sides and prove that taxi CCTV is not a case of "big brother" watching you.

Passenger safety

Have you ever gotten into a taxi with someone you don't know very well? Think back to times when you may have shared a cab with a colleague while on a training course or have met an acquaintance in town and are getting a taxi home together. Maybe you have met someone in a club and are sharing a cab home. How well do you actually know these people? Enough to trust them not to harass you or harm you? Well with the taxi CCTV system, the driver has a full view of the cab and can see anything that is going on.

It even records everything so that it can be used as evidence should the need arise. There is also an audio system that records all the sounds so even if the passenger says something inappropriate to you, you can use that as proof. With CCTV, the driver is not spying on you like some people may think. They are simply covering themselves and you from any unfortunate incidents. In fact, by getting into a can with CCTV installed, you are more likely to have a safer journey. There are very few unlicensed taxi drivers about but you can be sure that a taxi driver who has paid to install CCTV in his cab will definitely be one of the more upmarket (and licensed) taxis.

Driver safety

Driver safety is really important in a taxi not just because you don't want to get hurt but if something serious happens to you that causes an accident then your passengers are likely to get hurt too. By installing CCTV into your taxi, you will find that peoples attitude changes and their behavior gets much better. Working late at night you are bound to come up against a few fares who have had one too many drinks and as such will want to antagonize you or even threaten you. Knowing that they are being watched, these types of fares tend to behave and know better than to be rude. For the remaining few that still think that anti-social behavior is acceptable then you have video evidence of them harassing/threatening/attacking you.
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