MySpace Pick Up Artist - Use This Line to Date Girls!

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There are literally millions of girls on MySpace, many of these live near you.
If you aren't taking advantage of this fact to increase your dating chances then you are cheating yourself my friend.
Here is a line which has proved very successful in the MySpace Pick Up Artist community.
Give it a go on a few hot girls and see how successful you are with it.
If you aren't getting a favourable response from at least 1 in every 3 girls then you really need to improve your profile, which we can also show you how to do.
OK here it is: "Oh hey, I thought it was you! i had to leave early the other night, I know you were disappointed.
By the way, if you want your belt back...
you know where to come for it!" This line demonstrates a few things.
First, that you were out partying with a lot of girls, that girls obviously enjoy your company and therefore you're not some lonely guy messaging random girls over the internet trying to get a date.
Second it shows that you're some fun guy who doesn't take himself too seriously.
Thirdly, it shows that because you had to leave early, you're probably a busy and important person.
These three things all add up to make it an incredibly powerful opener.
But of course, you've never actually met, so you are going to have to know where to take things from there in order to get a date with her.
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