How to Make a Woman Orgasm Very Fast - 4 Areas You Need to Attack to Drive Her Wild in Bed

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There are certain areas on a woman that if caress and stimulated in the correct manner can give her mind blowing orgasm that can even leave her weak and breathless.
If you have your woman and you are not able to please her in bed then you may even stand the chance of losing her to someone else who can.
However, I am not trying to scare you and so you are about to be introduced to some tips that will help you to give your woman unforgettable orgasms.
Area #1- Her Breasts- Fondling your woman's breasts is one of the easiest way to get her aroused.
Suck on her nipples and use your hands to massage to massage them gently.
Using your tongue to on the areola (the area around the nipples) will also give her a warm sensation and send shivers all over her body.
Area #2- Her Bottom- Massaging her bottom will her to achieve an orgasm very quick.
The trick is to vary your movements an paying close attention to what pleases her the most and do it.
So you can have one hand massaging one of her breast while the other is massaging her bottom and you're kissing and caressing other areas at the same time.
Area #3- Her Clitoris- Now this is where the real excitement starts.
The clitoris is very sensitive as most of her nerve endings are situated there.
You can use your fingers to massage the clitoris slowly in circular motion.
Another alternative is to use your tongue to stimulate the clitoris and that can bring her to a climax even faster.
Area #4- Her G-Spot The G-Spot is located about 1-2 inches on the upper walls inside the vagina just underneath the clitoris.
One the G-Spot is stimulated properly; it can bring your woman to multiple mind blowing orgasms.
Using your penis is one of the best ways to stimulate the g-spot.
Also you can make your woman lay on her back while you use your penis to stimulate her G-spot and use your thumb to massage her clitoris at the same time.
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