How to Sand Your Avalanche Cladding

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    • 1). Place several layers of masking tape along the outer edges of the cladding, on the painted surface of the Avalanche, so you don't scratch the paint with the sandpaper during sanding. Even a high-grit sandpaper can cause scratches deep enough to need repainting if it comes into contact with the painted surface.

    • 2). Sand the Avalanche cladding with 180-grit sandpaper. The cladding has a textured surface that paint won't adhere to well. The 180-grit sandpaper smoothes the textured surface, but in doing so, leaves scratches that can be visible once any paint has dried.

    • 3). Sand the cladding again using 220-grit sandpaper. The 220-grit paper smoothes the scratches made by the 180-grit paper and prepares the plastic surface for primer and paint. The cladding should feel smoother after sanding with the 220-grit paper. It is now ready for primer.

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