Powder Coated Paint Uses

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    Custom Motorcycles

    • A powder coated paint can be applied to customize motorcycles. Thanks to the ease of applying the paint, the paint job can be quite complicated and detailed. Thanks also to the durability and degree of abrasion resistance the powder coated paint offers, it can be eye-catching for years to come.

    Custom Cars

    • Just as with custom motorcycles, makers of custom cars enjoy the benefits that powder coated paints offer. With powder coated paint, you can applied creative paint jobs that will draw attention to your custom auto.

    Engine and Frame Parts

    • Powder coated paint can be applied to parts of the engine, frame or other individual parts as a way to not only protect them, but draw attention to original ways you have used certain parts. For example, if you have a custom frame on your chopper, applying a powder coated paint makes it stand out from the rest of the bike.


    • Applying powder coated paints to your countertops can be a good way to advertise your business if you are a custom paint shop, or just to add a new look to your kitchen. The brightness of the powder coated paint surface will last a long time and look good doing it.


    • Powder coated paint is also useful for coating metal fencing as well as wrought iron fences. However, as Bullhead states, it is necessary to make sure that the fence has the proper protective undercoating that helps to seal the metal to prevent water penetration.

    Outdoor Funishings

    • Like the wrought iron fence which is exposed to the elements, outdoor furnishings can benefit from powder coated paint as well. Every imaginable type of furnishing, from chairs and tables to barbecues and umbrella stands, can be coated with powder coat paint.

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