How to Write a Good 8th Grade Promotion Speech

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    • 1). Write about your feelings at the end of eighth grade. Do you feel that you and all the students have grown as a group together? Do you feel optimistic about continuing your academic life? If you do, then you can use these emotions to color your speech. For example, if you feel happy that you have made such good friends, talk about how you have all gotten to know each other and use the metaphor of a journey to describe the period of time you have spent together. This will be a good narrative device for your speech.

    • 2). Find a way to frame your speech. Good speeches have a clever framework. For example, imagine you are looking back from the future and talking to your eighth-grade self and the rest of your class. This way you can imagine what everyone in your class will achieve. Alternatively, look back at when you began school and what your younger selves may think of you now.

    • 3). Include everyone from your class in your speech. Do not be tempted just to include yourself and your friends but make sure everyone gets a mention, even if it is only brief. This way everyone will be engaged in your speech and will remember it even longer. For example, say something like: "Remember when Sam and John were obsessed with yo-yos until Steve got them banned by breaking his wrist with one?" People will enjoy reminiscing and putting names in will keep everyone interested.

    • 4). Thank your teachers and the school for all that they have done to educate you. You should thank your teachers by name and include a funny story about each of them. If they are not included, they will feel left out. Thanking your teachers will show them how grateful you are.

    • 5). Use quotations from famous people in your speech. This will make your speech more impressive. You can begin your speech with a quotation from a famous person. Use a speech from someone you have learned about to make it even more relevant. For example, if you have learned about Martin Luther King Jr. include a quotation from one of his speeches. Good quotations for promotion speeches involve the idea of a journey. If you have used the journey as a narrative device, this can be enhanced by a quotation at the beginning of your speech.

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