How to Decorate With Unframed Mirror

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    • 1). Pair an unframed mirror with a small desk or table to brighten up a dark area of the room, such as in the corner or in a spot where the light doesn't quite reach. A small rectangle mirror over a legged piece of furniture works best for this option, as it elongates the space. In addition, the mirror will reflect the available light. Add a small bouquet of flowers to further brighten the space.

    • 2). Double the length of a hallway by placing an unframed mirror at the end of it. Long, narrow mirrors will work best in this situation, as it will reflect only the hallway. This is a good solution for dim hallways.

    • 3). Hang a group of mirror tiles on the wall. Use small plastic clips, available from hardware stores, to hold the mirrors in place. Place mirrors in groups of uneven numbers (3, 5, etc.) for optimal effect. This decorating technique works well in entryways, bathrooms or an office.

    • 4). Widen a window by placing long, narrows mirrors on either side of it. This works especially well if the curtains on the window are sheer. Hang the curtain rod so it will reach over the window and both mirrors for added effect.

    • 5). Group a collection of unframed mirrors over a sofa, fireplace or in a hallway. Hang a larger mirror in the center and place smaller mirrors in a random pattern around it. Decorative unframed mirrors in varying sizes work best for this technique.

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