Secret Traits To A Better Ecommerce Conversion Rate

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Have you always wondered how to improve your ecommerce conversion rate? You get the traffic but you just can't seem to get it to convert the way it should be? Your conversion percentages do not reflect the amount of good quality traffic that is hitting your site? Do you follow everything that your friends, family, mentors, advisors, Google tell you to do but still don't make the sales that seem to be at your fingertips? Ecommerce or electronic commerce was developed in 1991 when the world wide web was opened for commercial use.
I'm sure we all know how it really has changed our lives, making the world seem a great deal smaller and communication a lot easier.
It has also produced an amazing avenue for us to be able to find and purchase just about anything you can imagine by a simple click of a mouse, entering a few details and viola' your new purchase is on its way! When a customer visits your website, they go through a series of steps which in a "perfect sale" hopefully results in them making a purchase, you earning commission and they receive the product or service that they are after.
If this doesn't happen, which is 90% of the time, how do you know where your website went wrong, was the customer going to buy but then decided not to? Was there too many pages for them to click through? Did they get nervous along the way and decide that they didn't really need the product or service? Unfortunately without website optimization you are not going to know where or why you lost that sale, why your ecommerce site did not convert.
The truth of it is though, that getting your ecommerce conversion rate up is not a simple task.
Many websites that are out there only seem to turn a very small percentage of the traffic they receive into sales.
It seems that the most common percentage for ecommerce conversion rates are around 2.
The top converting websites are only around the 9%.
There are of course exceptions, very few, but they are around the 10%-15% which to me is still very low.
Imagine the rewards you would reap by simply increasing your ecommerce conversion rate by a mere 1% or 2%.
Fortunately the world wide web has come a long way since its commercial release in 1991.
There are programmes and lessons out there they can guide you and teach you how to fine tune your website to convert at higher percentages.
Today around 2,405,518,376 people use the internet so you can see why improving your ecommerce business can be so lucrative.
You can also see by the percentages of conversion rates that we don't need to be continually on the hunt for new traffic, that's already out there, we just need to make better use of the traffic that we are already receiving.
Wouldn't you rather be spending your money on making your ecommerce conversion rate better rather than pumping more traffic to average converting sites?
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