Don"t Underestimate What"s Possible For Your Creativity

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Vince Lombardi said, "We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible.
" You know, even creative thinkers get stuck in the realm of the hum-drum every day .
the realm of the possible.
We may know that we have a talent for singing, for example, but our minds get so caught up in the way that WE envision our gift outworking itself that we fail to see the other exciting and fulfilling possibilities before us.
I worked with a vocally talented client once who was fixated on the idea that her singing was meant for use inside a church during the service.
And it may well have been.
The problem was that at the time we were working together, that opportunity wasn't available to her - the musical team had all the vocalists they needed at present.
Even though the thought made her miserable, she concluded that she must not be meant to be singing now because she couldn't sing for her church.
What she didn't realize, though, was that it wasn't her circumstances that were limiting her potential, it was her thinking.
When she came to me, one of the things we did was brainstorm a multitude of other avenues available for her to put her gifting to meaningful use while she waited for the opportunity her heart desired.
She was truly amazed and encouraged by the possibilities that came alive for her, some that would open doors for the future that she never would've considered before.
Maybe you, too, are languishing.
Are you waiting for your "big break" or for someone to notice your talents?Are you stuck in a mindset that tells you if it can't be the way you envision, it simply can't be? Action step: Take out a piece of paper and write one of your creative gifts at the top of the page.
Below it write the longest list you possibly can of all the things that other people do with that talent.
This isn't about you right now.
You can even come up with some wacky things that people could do.
Use your imagination and come up with at least 25 options, but you get extra points for more.
Now pick out 3 to 5 things that appeal to you.
Do you know what you've just done? You have just expanded your horizons!
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